Retreat 2016

Welcome & Kia ora
Hold the dates....the retreat is coming February 25th-28th 2016.!!!
The retreat will be an opportunity for everyone interested or involved in unschooling to share their journey, ask questions, find inspiration, learn new skills, connect with others and enjoy living in an
unschooling community. This is a family centred retreat - anyone you consider part of your whanau is welcome.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Archery Tag is Coming to the Foxton Retreat!

An unschooling family from Taranaki has started a business called
NZ Bow Sports
and is happy to offer Archery Tag at this year's summer retreat.
You can learn about Archery Tag here:
and here:

If you'd like to play, please bring a gold coin or two
(see tab at bottom right-hand corner of webpage).


  1. Cool!
    Just wondering about the age limit for this as I see on the webpage it mentions for 10yrs and up - does this apply for camp as well?

    1. Great question, Ange! When I spoke to Sam, the owner of NZ Bow Sports, he was more than happy with younger children playing - his 2 sons are both under 10. The issue is, littlies may need help loading the arrows and pulling back the bow string (the bows have a 20lb draw strength) Sam asks that adults be available to help them.

      The last time our family played, there was a game for bigger folks (who didn't need any help) and a separate game for smaller people. Ben (who is 7) is able to load and shoot the arrow himself, but he still played with the younger group.

      The best part about Archery Tag is that it doesn't hurt to get hit...unless it's you hitting yourself in the forearm with your bowstring. : )