Retreat 2016

Welcome & Kia ora
Hold the dates....the retreat is coming February 25th-28th 2016.!!!
The retreat will be an opportunity for everyone interested or involved in unschooling to share their journey, ask questions, find inspiration, learn new skills, connect with others and enjoy living in an
unschooling community. This is a family centred retreat - anyone you consider part of your whanau is welcome.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

last reminder about food....

For those are havent been before....

We do our own breakfasts and lunches (Sunday pancakes are available...)

Then you need to bring ingredients to contribute to each of the dinners.
Please check out the food page to see what we are having...

Then you will help out with one meal, just add you name to the roster when you arrive....
Hope that helps.

Screen Printing!

It is turning out to be quite an arty camp!

There will be screen printing.  There is a special design being made that you can print onto what ever you like.  So please bring some cotton...a bag, tee shirt, apron, pillowcase.... or just some material to use later...

Also lino cutting and printing ($5 each), so bring some ideas for designs...

Plus tie-dying on Friday - BYO material/ teeshirt etc....

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Special request to the Dads

If you can offer an activity at any time the retreat it would be most welcomed.
It sounds as though we have some juggling happening!  So bring along your juggling balls (still got them from last year??)

We especially want some Dads to have some alluring activites (and perhaps food?) up their sleeves during the Woman's circle!!  Saturday morning.....

Have a think about it!


The Rhythm of the Retreat...

The retreat is THIS weekend!
So what is happening?

As unschoolers most prefer to let things happen, be organic in our approach to the retreat (as in our lives...) so here is an idea for a rhythm....but of course other things may transpire as well....

Friday -                                Arriving, setting up,
                                      Tie-dying flags and other things
                                                    Board games in the evening

Saturday -
                                               Womens circle in the morning
                                                          Men's circle in the afternoon
                                          Dress up, parade
                                                Concert in the evening

Sunday -  
                                         Pancake breakfast
                                                   Market  in the morning

                           *** Add to this the beach!

*** Duncan is planning an art installation - no doubt a collabrative, nature based one.....

Plus all the previously unthought of, imaginative games that will evolve over the retreat.....

Saturday, 15 February 2014

No Paintballing sorry :(

We aren't having the portable paintball gallery this year sorry.
Last year this was heavily subsidised by Hearthland (and much enjoyed.)
Not so many Hearthland folk are coming this year so it would be very costly to have set up.

And it seems that big kids and small amuse themselves extremely well with the forest, a few sticks, hut making, the beach and chatting!

If you have already paid for this activity when registering we will refund you.

Re: the Wind warriors.  They will be down on the beach as they always are so anyone can pop down for a session, but we haven't booked in one specifically for us.


We don't have the large marquee this year, so if anyone has a gazebo they could throw it in, it does make a nice area for the market and discussions, hanging out in.

arty activites.....

Just a reminder that on Friday there will be tie dying happening!
There will be a few  different colours.
We are hoping that some of you will dye flags to have around the camp. (we will bring bamboo)
So if you have time to cut and sew some cotton.....
Otherwise chuck in a tee shirt, bag, pillow case, hankie, bits of material.....
This costs $1 per person and can be paid for at the time  or when you register.

Over the weekend there will be lino cutting available.  You can pay for this online too.  $5 per person.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


***  This year Alice and Duncan will be doing their usual popular smoothies - banana and blueberry.  These wll be for sale at various times throughout the weekend.

***  There will also be a coffee machine (real coffee).

Just so you know....

It's a sign....

Yep, the sign is painted, look out for it next Friday when you arrive at the retreat!!

I hope you are all getting yourselves excited and ready for a great weekend away....
What should you be thinking about...?

*** The market on Sunday morning.  If you and/or your children are having a market stall it may be a good idea to get cracking and have everything made (unless it is fresh).  Remember to bring plenty of cash/ change to support everyone else....

*** Saturday night and the concert  is a hot favourite!!!  You may want to be rehearsing if you are going to perform - a dance, musical performance, magic tricks,  a skit.......

*** Saturday is also dress up night!  We have had requests for more Medieval and suggestions of favourite book how about it is just a dress up of your choice, anything goes!

***Remember to pack togs and beach gear

*** Have a look at the menu planner and shop for that.  When you arrive put your name down to help with a meal. There are plenty of vegtarianx/vegans/gluten free eaters usually, so they are well catered for.

Looking forward to meeting up with you all very soon.....