Retreat 2016

Welcome & Kia ora
Hold the dates....the retreat is coming February 25th-28th 2016.!!!
The retreat will be an opportunity for everyone interested or involved in unschooling to share their journey, ask questions, find inspiration, learn new skills, connect with others and enjoy living in an
unschooling community. This is a family centred retreat - anyone you consider part of your whanau is welcome.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Now for the important stuff!

This will be updated as we go so please keep checking it!

The plan at this stage is...
Friday night dinner - Tortillas
Please bring tortillas (mountain bread do gluten free ones),
Some beans or tomatoes for the main refried bean mixture, this will be organic
And one other filling eg, lettuce, coleslaw, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, sour cream, any salady bits....

We have successfully had this meal with large groups before and it means it can be dairy free, gluten free etc so hopefully meet everyones needs.

HELP!  We need a couple of people to volunteer to co ordinate this meal...please let me know if this is you!

Saturday nights dinner....
Pot luck shared meal based on salads and breads.  There is a BBQ available too for those who want to cook anything.

We are hoping to have some food available during the retreat  and are working on options for this.
Some ideas are
Pancake breakfast on Sunday morning  (.50c ea)
Coffee/juice/smoothie stall
Fresh and dried fruit and nuts available to buy

Sunday nights dinner
We will provide cooked pasta and cooked brown rice, so  just bring your favourite sauces/mayo & salad bits/pre made curry to mix in or accompany  these.
Breakfast and lunch will be self catering at this stage. (Sunday pancake breakfast -.50c)

Hope that makes sense


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